2015 Adventures

2015. I’m not sure any other year has gone by so incredibly fast before. Is it just me, or is time speeding up? In thinking back over the past year, I can’t even remember what happened. I had to go look at pictures on social media to remember! I’ve had so many interesting things happen. I’d thought I’d give you all just a glimpse of adventures I had.

Jan 1…spent the day having adventures in the snow with cousins. It’s become a bit of a tradition for us, and we’re looking forward to doing it again this year.


All important 4×4 trucks in the snow

jan 1

Beautiful snow!

Jan 10…we had a live burn for my fire academy I was a part of. At first I was terrified, but then I was excited when I figured it out. Tod and Simeon were my academy mates and became two of my best encouragers.


Getting ready to make entry. I’m at the front in the orange striped gear


Academy mates attacking the car fire simulator


Simeon, me, and Tod

February…I fell asleep on my way home from work and crashed my Jetta. I snapped a power pole in half, but was unscathed.


March…I was part of the E-crew for the Oregon Trail Rally. The Oregon Trail Rally is a three day event in which rally drivers compete for the least accumulative time over the event. It is mostly raced off road in small Subaru cars. I was there to provide medical care in the event of a crash or any other medical emergency that came up.


The E-crew car I was in for the first day of the event.


Me and Rachel who were the two new guys in the group so we were given extra large shirts to wear.


The winning rally car driven by Drew Higgins from Britain.

Other things I did this year…

…hiked Mt. Hood for the first time ever. We started at Government Camp and hiked up to Timberline Lodge.


…participated in two mock search and rescue missions for training.


…did standby medical for a half marathon and a two day bike ride.


…received my CEVO patch. This means I can officially drive an emergency vehicle.


…went to LBS for the third year in a row.


…participated in a search on Mt. Hood. We had to call in the National Guard to airlift the injured subject off the top of the mountain. It was a pretty incredible first time search to be on.


…and just a couple other random pictures to end up this post.



In my EMT uniform. Yes, I wear a skirt

Until next year!! Stay safe!



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