Who am I, Really?

Something I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the last few days. Who am I? What is my identity? How do I identify myself?

To my dispatchers I am four-three-two-three.

On a search mission I am one-five-five.

To my friends I am Liz.

To my fellow volunteers I am Boss.

To the government I am Jane.

At my school I am the quiet kid in the front row who absorbs information and doesn’t say much.

To my labmates I am the one who loves to explain the inner workings of the heart and ECGs.

My gender is female. My job is transport EMT. I have five siblings. I love adventures. I bore easily. I have big dreams. I’m not afraid to break stereotypes. I love school. I am mostly content with my current life. I occasionally blog about random things. I don’t fit neatly into anyone’s box. I have wounds that have not yet healed. But is that really who I am?

What makes my identity? Is it what I do? Or the names I’m known by? Is it the adventurous side of me? Or the quiet withdrawn one? Is it my love of life? What is my true identity?

Then I take a few moments and God reminds me. My real identity is found in Him. So who does He say I am?

I am loved.

I am His daughter.

I have been given His Holy Spirit.

I am protected.

I am still learning what this actually means. To have these things sink deeply into my heart. Get past the logic of my brain and become part of my core being. Where I can really believe and live out of those things that God says I am. Until then I will continue living life full blast. You’re welcome to join me.

~Until another subject takes over my brain



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