Small Quiet Moments

Today I was looking at pictures. Looking through hundreds of pictures of the yearly adventure known as Lancaster Bible School. This is the third year I’ve helped with it. While last year was incredible and huge in my own life, this year felt quiet in comparison. I realized as I was looking at the pictures and reminiscing that it’s not always the big events that matter. Sometimes it’s the quiet moments that inspire you the most.

It’s the moments of quiet prayer time…


Wisdom walker praying over a group of boys at the prayer station

It’s the many many piggy-back and shoulder rides, even to those kids who rival your size…

heidi's LBS pics wed-thurs 029

Aaron carrying Marcos on our way from large tent to the next activity.

It’s the high-fives between tired teachers in the middle of an exhausting day…

It’s the moment the security guy takes over and talks to your boys when they keep insisting on running away…


Will, Shawn, Marlin, and Merlin…the top security team for LBS. (I think they were pretty much the heroes of all the teachers as well.)

It’s the nurse who takes a moment to just pay attention to the kid in your group who insists on faking an injury…

It’s the wisdom walkers (or “red shirts” as they were called by my boys) who tell you to go take care of yourself when you’re sick to your stomach…

heidi's LBS pics wed-thurs 311

“Red shirt” helping watch my group of boys while I was out sick for half the day.

It’s the two ladies who hand out hundreds of ice cream cones every day…


These two beautiful ladies handed out thousands of ice cream cones over the week.

It’s when 500 people prayed that the ice cream machine would work and God honored the prayer…

It’s the pure joy on my boy’s face when he got chosen to guess the attendance and he guessed correctly…


Jesse guessing the attendance of 446

It’s the powerful dramas presented every night…and watching the kids’ expressions and reactions to what was presented…


Jesus casting the demons out of the man in the Gadarenes.


Jesus and the man after being healed


Raising of Lazarus from the dead


Jesus at His trial


Jesus and the thieves at the crucifixion


Enemy soldiers raiding the Isrealites and capturing a little girl


The little Israelite girl, “Amy”, with her captors after her example taught them about God and His forgiveness

It’s the moment your little boy concedes defeat and tells the other little boy that it’s useless to run away because “she’s too fast. She’d just catch us again.”…

It’s the fun of watching the little boys’ excitement over having worms, caterpillars, crawdads, and even “daddy long-legs”…

It’s the moment when Jesse sidles up to you and asks, “Are you feeling better now? We prayed for you and blessed you.”

It’s watching another teacher on the bus take charge and lead the children in singing songs enthusiastically…


Dawson leading the children in an enthusiastic version of “God’s Not Dead”

It’s the sweetness of Habi, the little boy who always shared a seat with me on the bus…



And somehow in the midst of, as a result of, all these little moments…greatness happens.


Marcos, Jesse, Aaron (my brother), Franklin, me, Jayvon, and Bryant…team 42


Photo credits: LBS photographers, me


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