Dear Little Girl in a Grown Up Body…

Dear Little Girl in a grown up body,

I wish I could reach out and tell you all the good beautiful things I see in you. I want you to know you are seen. You are loved. You are precious.

I saw when the man stole your innocence. I was there. I cried for you.

I was there all the times you hid in your bedroom and cried your heart out because you thought mommy and daddy didn’t love each other.

I saw when you tried to hide your femininity behind a wall of indifference and an “I don’t care” attitude. You hid your emotions and only showed happiness. I want you to know it’s really ok to be broken.

I created you as a girl on purpose. I created you to enjoy beautiful things, to enjoy the small moments in life. You were created to be protected by me, and I know you didn’t feel protected by me when all those awful things happened to you. But I was there, with you, crying for you.

Daughter, I love you with a fierce love. I have created you to love like I do. To see others the way I see them. And to fight for others when they’re too weak to do it themselves.

You are a nurturer by nature, and that is good. I have created you to nurture and heal.

I know it feels messed up and unfair. I know it’s hard. I know it hurts. I see your scars. Don’t hide anymore. Don’t hide your femininity. Stand up. Be strong!

You are covered. Protected. Loved. Secure. Precious. Beautiful. The apple of my eye. A jewel in my crown. I delight in every part of you. In every part of your personality and what makes you you.

You are beautifully created just the way you are for a reason. I love you that way.

Walk with me. Let me lead you in paths of righteousness and freedom. Let go of your fears. Trust Me and I will never let you down. Walk boldly and without fear as is my will for you.

i love you so much that I gave up My only Son to die for your healing. Your complete healing. Won’t you trust Me?

Love Your Heavenly Father,

Papa God.


2 comments on “Dear Little Girl in a Grown Up Body…

  1. Rachel says:

    You are beautiful! This is beautiful!


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